Step 1


The planning phase happens like this:

Client's lawn will be mapped using Turf Geeks GPS technology, dividing each lawn into specific easy to follow color coded zones. With Email delivery of the detailed plan.

​Turf Geeks Precision Turf Management System is the used by the PGA since 2001 in order to make  courses , thick, beautiful, lush and green and can completely transform any lawn in 30 days or less.

 You Simply order the Turf Geeks Soil Analyses Kit , at which time our system will automatically and completely map your  lawn using satellite GPS technology. 

The kit arrives with a detailed simple to follow color coded GPS map of your lawn divided into specific color coded sections for easy understanding.

(You just follow the map)  

Step 3


It’s a thrill when you see our vision implemented right in front of you. If you want one of our  landscapers installers to do it for you rest assured they are certified by Turf Geeks. Each one must pass our rigorous internal certification.

The application phase happens like this:

You will apply each individual element according to the exact needs of each color coded easy to read zone map.

Our customers also receive post-instructions on care to ensure we’ve nailed it.

​(You're Done!)

Step 2

Soil Sample

Unlike other services we don't just soil sample your yard. We take specific measurements of the soil using our process that we invented almost 20 years ago. Testing your soil for over 17 different nutrients and deficiencies. This helps us get a better idea of what nutrients are needed for your lawn to create an environmentally friendly balance. 

A soil sample will be taken from each color coded zone and analyzed in our independent lab.

Follow the easy to read map of the lawn and take the appropriate soil samples as mapped out for you.

​Put the samples into the pre paid postage container and drop off at your local Post Office.

Our laser targeted testing process will  determine the results for what nutrients will be applied to the lawn and in what zones.

You will receive a detailed easy to read chart containing the soil sample results and the exact amount of  nutrient to order for each zone.

​( You Just Order The Exact Amounts)

Imagine Your Family Enjoying A Lawn With Grass So Thick

So Lush And Deep Green It Looks Unreal

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The Turf Geeks System In A Nutshell

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